Fat Spaniel Technologies, a Power-One brand

- Model PVI Central 50-100 & 55-110 - Commercial Grade Inverters



These extremely scalable modular inverter systems, based on 55kW conversion modules, increase usable power and improve availability. The reduction of performance in any individual inverter will not impact the energy-harvesting capabilities of other modules. The product is available with and without isolation transformer. Industry-leading power conversion efficiencies of up to 98% (-TL), combined with high-speed Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels, optimize energy harvesting across a wide array of operating conditions. Inverter systems are delivered pre-configured and pre-tested in rugged enclosures, significantly reducing on-site wiring and testing. In case of ungrounded application the unit can be configured as single or multiple MPPT (with exception of PVI-Central-50 & PVI-55.0/-TL). The Aurora commercial-grade inverters are designed for large solar applications such as apartment buildings and industrial facilities.

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