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The AVANTIS engineers have developed a product family of wind turbine generators for onshore. It includes the AV 928 – 2.5 MW for Wind Class IEC II and the AV 1010 – 2.3 MW for Wind Class III. Furthermore, WTG with higher rated powers are on the drawing board.

Just like the generator, the rotor blades are also internal developments, which are characterized by highest efficiency and reliability. The AV 928 – 2.5 MW is able to withstand storm loads of Wind Class I and is therfore suitable for typhoon and hurricane areas.

The turbine’s technology is a German development and all core components are in-house developments of the AVANTIS Energy Group and  patent-registered accordingly. They are used exclusive in the WTG of AVANTIS. So, AVANTIS is completely independent of the core technology. Further major components are procured from first-rated European suppliers with high quality requirements.

The generator is a water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous generator with 690 V and 120 poles per phase (3 phases) to operate at low revolution speeds. It generates power at 6 rpm. At partial load, the generator runs with 97 % efficiency, and at full load with 95 %, while generating 2,750 kW.

The converter is located close to to the control system, the transformer at the center of the nacelle. Therfore the electrical losses in the system will be reduced. The system can also provide reactive power to the network and participate in modern network management instead of shutting off in case of network overload or a similar problem. This makes the turbine LVRT (low voltage ride through) compliant.

The specific advantage of the water-cooled system is the nacelle’s encapsulation, which prevents sand, salty air, air pollution getting into the machine. Therefore all WTG are suitable for onshore, nearshore and offshore operation.

The exceptional style of the nacelle has created the well-known industry designer Prof. Luigi Colani for AVANTIS. 

Competitive advantages of the AVANTIS wind turbine generators

  • Gearless technology
  • Nacelle fully encapsulated (sandy and salty air, air pollution, ashes etc.)
  • Generator, converter and transformer are water-cooled
  • Higher magnet area coverage
  • High quality magnets (N44SH)
  • Converter fulfills network grid codes and requirements
  • Internal development of the generator
  • Less electrical losses
  • Higher generator efficiency
  • AV 928 – 2.5 MW withstands storm loads of IEC Ia (typhoon regions)
  • German development
  • Own rotor blade design
  • Nacelle designed by Prof. Luigi Colani
  • Modularity: 90 % of the components are similar
  • Less operational costs
  • AVANTIS Online Condition Monitoring/SCADA
  • European suppliers
  • AVANTIS develops and produces modern designed, robust and first class quality WTG. The gearless wind turbines are forward-looking in wind energy technology!

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