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AxCYCLE from SoftInWay lets you model every phase of the design for electrical and thermal power generation with a combined gas and steam cycle analysis.

About Combined Gas and Steam Cycles:

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) are a form of highly efficient energy generation technology that combines a gas-fired turbine with a steam turbine. The design uses a gas turbine to create electricity and then captures the resulting waste heat to create steam, which in turn drives a steam turbine, significantly increasing the system’s power output without any increase in fuel. The technology is typically powered using natural gas, but it can also be fueled using coal, biomass and even solar power as part of solar combined cycle plants.

Benefits of using AxCYCLE™ for Combined Gas-Steam Cycles:

  • AxCYCLE™ is integrated in the design process
  • Input of mandatory data to get the turbomachinery elements’ boundary conditions as cycle results almost instantaneously
  • Generate automated, printer-friendly reports
  • Results can be saved to be used in AxSTREAM™ for design purposes
  • Compressor pressure raise at design point, fuel combustion lower heat, turbine rotational speed, etc. can be specified
  • Fuel lower heating value

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