AXINAR-Innovative Heating Systems

AXINAR-Innovative Heating Systems

- Model TSOVEA SERIES RANGE 5-140 - Pellet Burner


A robust, reliable burner. Ceramic igniter (1200oC temperature) This feature saves up to 90% of energy consumption. The ceramic igniter used needs only the 10% of the energy that would use a hot air fan or an ignition blower. Auto ash/clinger cleaning (modular design)

Pellets with lower quality and high ash content can be used as well, without causing problems, since ash is auto cleaned.

  • OEM supply possible

Increase the value of your company by adding a high quality burner like this in your list of products with your own brand name on it.

  • Available as a mechanical construction with:

    • No electronic control

    • Master controller PWC-2500

    • Axinar controller

      • adaptive PID controller

      • auto-control and auto-adjustment option, one-button control

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