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- Axial Hydraulic Turbine Design, Analysis and Optmization Software



AxSTREAM Hydro software helps with creation of new designs, analysis of existing design and retrofitting of axial hydraulic turbines.

  • Design the flow path of axial hydraulic turbines from scratch using a small number of basic parameters and a set of geometric constraints.
  • Simple and intuitive access to all design parameters.
  • Custom measurement units setting.
  • Preliminary design and geometry configuration with functionality to pre-screen, visualize and verify hundreds of designs. Capability to optimize passage dimensions and number of blades.
  • Calculation model may include various elements, including pipes, ducts, L-channel, etc.
  • Flowpath meanline analysis and optimization, which supports “as-designed” and “off-design” operational conditions.
  • Meanline and through flow analysis of multistage turbines.
  • Performance maps generation.
  • Wide variety of profiling methods with support of interactive editing.
  • 3D airfoil design in automatic and interactive modes with geometric and strength criteria monitoring. Custom stacking.
  • Export of airfoils geometry to CAD/CAE programs in IGES and STL.
  • Easy end versatile copy/paste system for elements exchange between the projects.
  • Experimentally confirmed empiric and custom loss models utilization.
  • Multidisciplinary optimizer AxPLAN based on design-of-experiment methodology. Helps to search for optimal solution for multi-criteria problems.
  • Generation of cascades with interactive editing and optimization. Flow and boundary calculation.
  • AxSTRESS module for express structural and modal analysis with automatic mesh generation.
  • AxSLICE module for automatic recognition of CAD and laser-scanned objects. Very useful for retrofitting, reverse engineering and benchmark tasks based on existing machines.
  • Possibility to create, manage and store experiments to compare design solutions.
  • User-friendly window interface with project management capabilities.
  • Automatic custom report generation.
  • Bundle licensing structure allows client to choose one of two task-oriented software packages.

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