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Balcony Flat Plate Split Solar Heater Collector


This unique system uses a medium and circular heater transfer technique with both the anti freezing and antifouling methods being incorporated with fully automatic intelligent control panel for easy to use.

  1. With this type of solar panel split installation the collector can be safely assembled and secured to the front of the apartment balcony, wall, and roof areas, the hot water tank will be installed in a safe location that is accessible for easy maintenance access and allowing the floor area to be free to enjoy this space for you and your family.
  2. Independent technological research and development revealed that the whole plate board core type system, is very reliable even in the winter and can be counted on in all types of weather conditions to provide you and your family with the maximum water supply requirements when switched on.
  3. The frame of the flat plate collector is made of a weather proof aluminium that gives you a long life system with tempered glass that is both strong and durable.
  4. The pressurised enamel tank as the built inner insulation,that keeps a constant water temperature with a built-in auxiliary electric heating system with a reliable temperature control system that gives the assurance to achieve the maximum all-weather hot water supply.

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