- Light Rotary Auger


10” tube mast. Hydraulic outrigger system. Aluminum operator stands. Emergency shut-down. Single station control console. Hydrostatic/planetary top head drive. Feed control system. Transfer case from truck engine or diesel power unit. Swing away split guide table with hydraulic rod/auger clamp and removable bushing. Two-speed, cable, hydraulic cylinder operated pulldown/pullback drill system

  • Cross head slide
  • Cathead/pedestal
  • Choice of mud pumps
  • Breakout wrench
  • Angle drilling system
  • Wire line winches
  • Tool boxes
  • Water tank
  • Mud pit system
  • Mobile safety driver
  • Choice of air compressor
  • Stationary drill rod carrying rack
  • Water/air swivel with hosing
  • Casing hammer attachment
  • Swing around auger rack
  • Hydraulic auger rack
  • Hydraulic sliding mast
  • Hydraulic swing jib (telescoping, single or double)
  • Hydraulic powered water/foam injection pump
  • Dual motor-spindle tophead 0-560 rpm, single control operated

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