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Hot air generator BETA AIR is a water-free heating device. It has significant meaning in case of mounting the device outsider and when the device is working in intermittent cycles during autumn and winter. The generator is made of cylindrical combustion chamber, which gives a better, regular heat reception. In the chamber there is a burner designed for eco-pea, fine coal and wood pellets firing.

Fuel is fed on the burner with a screw feeder (regular fed of fuel in the time unit). On the furnace there is minimum, necessary amount of fuel, which guarantee better work modulation, lower inertness, more accurate control of parameters and faster reaction on changing conditions.

Hot air is supplied to the dryers through a fan selected proportionally to the generator's power and the dryer's request. The work of the device is controlled by freely programmable controller equipped in PID algorithm.


Hot air generator BETA Air is used in dryers of grain, herbs, wood, sand etc. It is designed to work with all commonly used dryers.


Main fuel is coal In the form of pea coal. Optionally coal in the form of fine coal Ml class 25/9 according to PN 82/C-97001 and wood pellet s can be used.

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