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BETA boilers are a follow-up of previous manufactured boilers ALFA in the scope of small powers. BETA boilers are tubular and multi-way draft boilers with reverse chambers. Their construction allows to use combustion chamber carburizing system with a screw feeder. An additional advantage of those devices is mounted in the upper pait of the furnace - water grate that allows firing of pieced wood and coal in the form of billets. Excellent proportion of the heat exchanger and combustion chamber system allow to reach high efficiency with low thermal load lm2 of heating surface. Special, extender construction of retort burner gives the result of excellent combustion. In the boiler's equipment there is also ash box As an option boiler can be equipped in tubular exchanger's turbolizators, that lower chimney draft.. BETA boilers allow free modulation of the power and its lowering to 30°/o of the nominal power.

Characteristic feature of proposed devices is low level of noise of the feeding and blowing devices.

BETA boilers are design to heat water in central heating system till the temperature not exceeding 100°C on the boiler's output. They are used in central heating installations and in hot water production.

Those boilers are designed to heat single-family and multi-family buildings, public buildings like schools, offices, shops and other. High comfort of using BETA boilers is a merit of construction solution and fuel tank and continuous combustion process.

Basic fuel for BETA boilers is eco-pea 31-GkII/26/7 according to PN-82/G-97003 and fine coal. Thanks to adding the water grate it is possible to fire pieced wood and coal in the form of billets. As a replacement fuel wood pellet can be used.

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