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- Model GTC - Gas Turbine Cleaner


Gas Turbine Cleaner By the beginning of 2015, BIMAKS KIMYA had noticed the huge need for gas turbine cleaners in Middle East & North Africa. This product is very important for Electric and Power divisions as it has cleaning properties for special equipments related to the same field. Since then, BIMAKS KIMYA could manage through its own highly experienced technical team to manufacture a very high quality product with a very competitive price compared with international market. By late 2015, BIMAKS KIMYA made a field trial in the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq.

We gained their approval after testing on different gas turbine brands and capacities. In fact, the Engineers and technicians observed lower vibration rate for turbines after using MAKS GTC which is considered as a significant sign of both high performance and quality for this product. For the moment, our strategy is to use this approval and move around the world from market to another until MAKS GTC compete many international brands that are being made in U.K & U.S.A.

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