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BIOENERGY Solar Photovoltaic Panels stand for quality, durability and most importantly, high-performance. Our experience, capacity of research, continuing development and improvement, have turned us into a company recognized in the sector for the high value offered to our clients through our efficient rendering of services and, especially, for the high quality of our products.

The principal advantage of BIOENERGY-SHINE compare with other BIPV integration systems is in the advantage of the price we could provide bases in that of the panel we use TPT transparent not like other integration systems that use glass increasing the prices. With BIOENERGY-SHINE you will be able to build your green house at the same price like a roof installation.

For the customers who want to deposit all the trust of the installation in BIOENERGY, we could provide the mounting system for a total integration and waterproof solution, that system is already used in many of the installation. Our experience with the integration system , together with the quality of our solar panels make BIOENERGY-SHINE the best solution for all customers who are interested in build this kind of buildings.

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