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- Biochar

The Organic Carbon powder called also 'Biochar' is produced from carbonized wood using the pyrolysis process at 500 0C. 'Biochar' finds his application in the agriculture for its multiple organical - technical features, making it extremely useful. The product acts as a fertilizer for soils poor of carbon, as well as intermediate when absorbing trace elements and then transfering them for plants and therefore is a potent regulator of plant growth. 'Biochar' immediately absorbs trace elements and other chemical components avoiding to lose them during the soil irrigation process. 'Biochar' significantly increases the efficiency of the soil and reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers, while greatly improves the yield of crops. Ideal for greenhouses as 'Biochar' is one of the main components of 'Terra preta'. 'Biochar' remains embedded in the soil for hundreds of years, providing uniform and constant release of all substances necerrary for plant growth.

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