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Biogas CHP Module


Choose complete system solutions from WOLF Power Systems – from biogas cleaning to generating electricity with a CHP module.

Use renewable raw materials or residual organic materials, for example from livestock farming, to generate your power and heat. We help you generate a clean, ignitable mixture that you can use to obtain energy cost effectively from your farm's raw materials.

Good preparation of the raw material is important: Biogas is not just a blend of methane and carbon dioxide, it also contains other unwanted substances (e.g. sulphur and minerals) that are initially bonded to the water dissolved in the biogas. These are deposited over the years at various points in the system, causing inefficiencies and thus substantial reductions in profitability.

Thanks to WOLF Power Systems' state of the art technology, gas cleaning is carried out during operation. This prevents contamination and thus significantly increases the service life of the system. Using biogas coolers and activated charcoal filters, we can offer and advanced technical solution that can reduce maintenance and service bills by up to 75 %.

The reliability and service life of the CHP module is increased by using upgraded biogas – at an outlay of around 1 % of the entire cost of the biogas plant.

Take advantage of the benefits of a biogas CHP module:
  • Lower energy costs and cost efficient heat
  • High security of supply
  • High return on capital invested
  • Resource-saving, efficient technology
  • Efficiency level of over 90 % possible
  • On-site combined heat and power generation is much more efficient than generating electricity and heat separately
Biogenic gases contains pollutants such as siloxane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. That's why it needs to be properly purified.

The efficiency and service life of your CHP module depend largely on the fuel consistency. With our Vita Mundus system, we offer state of the art gas cleaning.

Throughout the engineering and installation stages, you can depend on WOLF Power Systems as your partner for CHP solutions, with everything from just one source.

A wide range of services are on offer: from building assessments and viability studies beforehand, to commissioning, service and maintenance. In addition, the full range of WOLF's system technology, including heating appliances as well as air handling and ventilation equipment, is available to you as a complete system.

Assured functionality is of the highest importance for the operational reliability and viability of your system.

We offer you a wide range of services. You decide whether you would like a full or partial maintenance package or a full service package for your CHP module.

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