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Biogas Mounting


After ascertaining the optimum location for your biogas plant regarding grid connection and in consideration of the economic use of the local resources, the building phase can be started once the energy provider has consented to our assessment of the best feed-in point to the grid.

In the field of biogas plants our services range spans from the concrete work through the actual installation of an equipotential bonding system respectively a lightning conductor and earthing system, to pipeline and heating systems and up to the installation and connection of the stirring unit in connection with the feed lines as well as the connection of the co-generators. With our company and our partners you availed yourself a team of absolute experts in the field of building turnkey biogas plants.

After completing the plant construction, our specialized staff will take care of the prescribed electrical connections including the corresponding cabling and all other electrical installation work that will guarantee the perfectly smooth operation of your biogas plant. Installations are carried out following a special earthing concept which prevents potential creepage from causing damage to any of the components of the biogas plant. All other installation work is performed in consideration of the explosion protection zones, as well as of the general guidelines and standard regulations. In addition, we will subsequently compile a detailed system documentation that complies with VDE (association of German electricians) norms.

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