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Biogas Power Plants


O.C.R.E.M., particularly attentive to environmental concerns and energy saving, constructs latest generation cogenerators for biogas power plants .


The United Nations Organization has identified biogas as one of the most important non-fossil renewable energy sources able to provide a significant contribution to:

  • energy autonomy
  • disposal of organic waste
  • reduction of current atmospheric pollution and greenhouse effect

Various techniques are used to produce and use biogas.
In a biogas power plant, the gas is produced by anaerobic fermentation of organic material inside a digester (fermenter). This process generates a mix of gasses consisting for more than 50% of methane. The composition of the mix is considerably affected not only by the temperature of the fermentation process and dwell time in the digester but also by the composition of the organic material introduced in the digester. The organic mass used in this process may consist of different substances such as stock-farm waste, slaughterhouse waste, agro-food industry residues, grass clippings, etc. Suitably purified, the biogas produced can be used to power a cogenerator. The electrical energy generated by the cogenerator can be inserted, via a transformer, in the public grid, while the heat recovered is used to heat the digester, to dry the digested material and adopted in various ways according to the company’s requirements.

Therefore, the combined production of electrical and thermal energy by a biogas power plant promotes energy economy with minimum environmental impact.

Example of supply of a biogas cogenerator
Supply and installation of biogas fuelled cogeneration power plant with an electrical power of 1063 kW, reduced to 999 kW, with thermal energy recovery (engine and exhaust fume circuit) c/w electrical, thermal heating system and connection to the Enel grid.
The generator set, consisting of an engine fuelled with biogas from digester and a three-phase synchronous alternator for operation in parallel with the grid, is housed in a sound-attenuated container and is complete with heat recovery system, electrical system and connection to the public grid.

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