Biogaz System Depollution Valorisation (BSDV)

Biogas Valorization


We make complete biogas lines, that covers all the equipment necessary to the good functioning of the instalation.

The different installations already done by BSDV cover all the profitable economical possibilities of the valorization of biogas, that are the following :

  • Hot sanitary water (AQS) for the warming up of (biodigesters) (120 a 1150 kW).
  • Vapor production for the hydrolysis of mud (1to 2 tons of vapor).
  • Vapor production for the processing of agro aliments (1 to 12 tons of vapors).
  • Co-generation group.
  • Electric energy production (20 to 1000 kW).
  • Mechanical energy production (700 kW).
  • Generating set (100 a 1000 kW).
  • Biogas generator (10 MW).
  • Biogas injection in private natural gas lines (50 to 1000 m3/h).

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