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ECOMEMBRANE has been working from 2000 in the environmental field and in the green energy production. The core business is related to the project and production of high tech components for the biogas powered plants. The factory, with his unique production system lines that work special plastic membranes, builds anaerobic digesters cover domes and constant pressure gasholders, that are one of the main plant components necessary to allow the use of the biogas for the electric and thermal energy production. ECOMEMBRANE, has developed in Italy and Worldwide a great number of biogas production plants from the anaerobic digestion of dairy farm manure or urban and industrial sludge. The product range is wide and complete: Gasholders on solid base, Gasholder Domes on liquid filled tanks in substitution of the metallic bell gasholders, Floating Lagoon or Tank Covers of any dimension, Smell Reducing Covers for sludge tanks, Membrane Sealing of ground basins, Flexible Tanks for Liquids, etc.

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