- PYROSLUDGE - sludge high temperature pyrolysis

Product is dedicated for sustainable management of sewage sludge. The principle of PYROSLUDGE is based combination of high-efficiency dryer and BiogreenĀ® pyrolysis unit. The system process wet sludge (15-20% DM) from mechanical dehydration system (centrifuge or filter press). Sewage sludge is dried in process exclusively designed for highly humid and pasty materials. After drying to 85-90% DM, material is provided to the continuous BiogreenĀ® pyrolysis system. Conversion is performed in oxygen-free atmosphere in unique construction of pyrolysis chamber which guarantees constant quality of product obtained from the treatment. PYROSLUDGE enables valorisation of sludge up to 1000 kg/hr (20% DM) by the following applications: - solid fuel production: low temperature pyrolysis of sludge to increase its energy - electricity production: high-temperature pyrolysis of sludge to obtain syngas for electricity production - sludge reduction: high-temperature to obtain energy for drying.

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