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Waste to Energy Systems LLC

- Downdraft Gasification System


OUR CONCEPT The bioHearth downdraft gasification system is the simple, affordable biomass and organic waste to energy solution. We strive to give our customers the most direct means to create revenue from their waste stream.

OUR DESIGN Waste to Energy Systems’ research and development team led by CEO Richard Woods created a downdraft gasification design that embodies our concept and vision by crafting a system that is user friendly, low maintenance and straightforward. With no unnecessary gadgets, the small foot print of the system creates an affordable opportunity for energy independence. As our CEO says, “The elegance of simplicity creates a renewable energy system that is safe, efficient and highly functional”.

OUR SYSTEM The bioHearth downdraft gasification system arrives at your location complete and ready to be installed, with all necessary components already integrated and tested. After installation and testing is complete, our staff will train your employees in all the bioHearth operations, including off-site monitoring. Our maintenance, safety and warranty information is available upon request.

What is included in our bioHearth downdraft gasifier system: Gasification unit, Filtration unit, Briquetter, Engine/Generator, Auger, and Automation.


bioHearth- a 200 kW downdraft gasification system that processes up to 400/lb of fuel stock per hour.


500 kW downdraft gasification system that processes up to 1,000/lb of fuel stock per hour (2016)
1 MW downdraft gasification system that processes up to 1 ton of fuel stock per hour (2016)


Sawmill Waste (sawdust, shavings, wood chips)
Municipal Waste
Agricultural Waste (bagasse, rice hulls, switch grass, corn husks)
Forestry Waste (tree slash, wood chips)
Resort Waste (trimmings, guest garbage, operations waste)
Medical Waste

GASIFICATION is the process of breaking down carbon-based materials into a high-energy gas by applying extreme temperatures in an oxygen-starved environment. The gasification process significantly reduces harmful emissions compared to either incineration or landfills. The resulting product is Syngas – a flexible, local fuel source that is significantly cleaner than fossil fuels. Our system utilizes the syngas to fuel a generator, providing on-site clean heat and power.

GASIFICATION PROCESS Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) requires the initial step of recycling, then it is treated much the same as industry, agricultural, and forestry waste.  Refined and processed into briquettes, the fuel stock is then fed to the gasifier system and converted into a high grade “syngas.” The syngas goes through a filtering unit before it is ready to fuel the engine to produce carbon-neutral heat and power.

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