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- Model ASS 300 - Biomass Boilers



This BIOKOMPAKT Aschesaugsystem facilitated in connection with an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean the boiler and the boiler room. The separation system reduces the contamination of the vacuum cleaner filter and also reduces the risk that this will be damaged by accidentally sucked and embers can to facilitate emptying, are higher further away from the boiler or one floor, situated outside the boiler room.

The separator and the ash containers are heat resistant, but take into account is the maximum operating temperature of the vacuum cleaner. To facilitate the emptying of the ash container, the separator can be raised with little effort. The container can be moved with a pallet truck. The side-mounted receptacles allow the safe transporting and emptying of the container with a suitable transport vehicle such as: forklift. When matching the vacuum cleaner BIOKOMPAKT® Dustynator or for higher suction power of BIOKOMPAKT® Turbosog is recommended.

  • Volume of Aschbehälters : 380 Liter
  • Container Weight empty / full : 50 kg / ca.400 - 450 kg
  • Width : 80 cm
  • Depth : 95 cm
  • Height : 170 cm
  • Vessel diameter : 70 cm
  • Container height : 110 cm
  • Max. Suction hose : about 5 - 15 m from the vacuum cleaner used, but dependent.
  • Suction hose : 50 mm / optional 35 mm
  • Saugschlauchmaterial : Kunststoff / optional Metall
  • Basic equipment : Ash tray with separator and 5 m suction hose Ø 50 mm with crevice tool.

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