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- Model ECO 15 P - Automatically-fed Wood Pellet Boiler to 25 kW



Automatically-fed wood pellet boiler for combustion of up to a maximum size of 50 mm length and 10 mm diameter, depending on the selection of the fuel extractor or the metering system, adapted. This boiler is equipped with an integrated fuel Vorvergasungsanlage and triple air control for primary, secondary air and flue gas fan. The delivery includes: Boiler body made of 5 mm steel sheet cladding and jacket with 80 mm thick 2-layer-round insulation. Furthermore, the cleaning device, as well as a built-in safety heat exchanger for thermal safety are included. The firebox is lined with a 6-piece ceramic combustor with a thickness of up to 100 mm. The Feuerungsretorte consists of a high temperature-resistant 4-piece ceramic block with air preheating for primary and secondary air.

The boiler is available right or left with the feed. The boiler can be supplied with either the charging system 'MINI' or 'ECONOMY'. A, integrated in the boiler flue gas blower, built on a uniform negative pressure in the boiler, and prevented at different draw ratios combustion problems. In addition, the flue gas blower in conjunction with the automatic ignition guarantees a smooth start. The boiler is suitable for the combustion of wood chips to a maximum of 25% water content. The boiler was conducted by TÜV Süd subsidiary of Austria emission and examination subject (For natural wood fuels). The feed is possible by fuel extractors in various sizes and designs, as well as from grain silo or BIG_BAG. Furthermore, this boiler as a special version for pellets plants (grass straw) and energy grain to 25% water content is available.

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