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- Model ECO 66 E - Biomass Heating System



Biomass heating with electric filters to 66 kW for the combustion of wood chips, up to a maximum size of 60 mm length and 20 mm diameter, depending on the extractor and which metering system has been selected. The wood chips may have a water content of 15% - accordingly a water content of 15% and 40% in plant biomass - reach 30%.

The electrostatic filters to reduce dust emissions will be integrated into the boiler body and therefore also requires no additional space. The e-filter and automatic heat exchanger and E-filter cleaning can be purchased as an option, in Germany these are due to the BImSchV mandatory install

Furthermore, pellets, energy crops and also other granular biomass fuels, such as rapeseed pellets, straw pellets can be burned.

This biomass heating with electric filters to 66 kW is equipped with an integrated fuel-Vorvergasungsanlage and further with a triple system for primary air, secondary air and a flue gas fan.

The package includes:

  • A boiler body made of 5 mm steel plate and a covering coat with 80 mm thick 2-layer round insulation.
  • Further, the cleaning device, and a built-in safety heat exchanger for a thermal safety are included.
  • The firing chamber is lined with a 22-piece ceramic combustion chamber with a thickness of up to 100 mm.
  • The Feuerungsretorte consists of a highly temperature-resistant 6-piece ceramic block with air preheating for primary and secondary air also.

A significant advantage for installation brings the two-sided connection of Materialzubringung.

An integrated in the biomass heating draft fan builds a uniform negative pressure in the boiler, and thus prevented at different draw ratios combustion problems. In addition, the induced draft fan in connection ensures a smooth start with the automatic ignition.

The biomass heating with electric filters to 66 kW is suitable for burning wood chips and also for wood chips to a maximum of 40% water content and other biomass. This biomass heating plants both pellets (straw grass) as suitable for energy crops to 30% water content. When Verheizen of other biomass regional regulations must be observed.

The biomass heating system with electrostatic precipitator to 66 kW was by TUV an emission and also a prototype test for natural wood fuels - subjected - wood chips and wood pellets. The feed is by fuel extractors possible in a variety of sizes and designs, as well as grain silo or big bag.

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