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- Model Pellevent Series - Small Scale Wood Pellet Boilers



Domestic, small scale wood pellets boilers Pellevent. The ultimate solution for all domestic installations. The BIOKOMPAKT -Pellevent series fit almost in all boiler rooms. The choice is yours, whether 300l fuel tanks , screw conveyor system or suction system, the transport of pellets to the boiler can always be offered with all of the above fed systems. Of course, the BIOKOMPAKT -Pellevent can be equipped with lambda logic control system, performance-based heat production system and external temperature mixing valve control, with up to 4 heating circuits, 2 storage room rules control unit .

Boiler body including insulation and cladding, integrated burner module with automatic ignition and blower motors and rotary feeder, microprocessor control with digital display (extended with the ‘Comfort ‘ package), consisting of automatic Heat exchanger, cleaning device with ash removal. The loading of the boiler can be combined with three different discharge systems.


Biokompakt pellet boiler Pellevent with auger system from the fuel tank to the boiler. A flexible screw, transports the pellets to the boiler.


In Biokompakt Pellevent Vacu the pellets are being transported through a suction system from the fuel hopper to the boiler. This allows transport of pellets over longer distances, through a corridor, or several rooms.


The Biokompakt ECON allows the use of the boiler even in the smallest rooms. The filling of the fuel store (150 litters) can be carried out manually, or filled by other purposes built delivery systems. Big Bag system also available.

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