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Biopower plants need biomass as input and are an alternative to the conventional power production from fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas. Biomass is a name for wood-like and stem-likebioenergy crops, wood from fast-increasing cultures, harvest remains of forest remainder wood as well as refuses such as liquid manure or clearing sludge.

As well palm oil is an important source of energy in this context. Palm oil is obtained from the fruit of the oil palm and consists of around 45 % from saturated palmitin acid and 40 % of unsaturated oleic acid.  As coproduct of the palm oil production they press palm kernel oil from the seeds of the fruits. It consists of 80 % from saturated fats (predominantly lauric acid).

Palm oil as raw material for block-type thermal power stations and for the production of biofuel:

The oil palm has a very high oil (and thus energy) yield in proportion to its surface area. For this reason it is more and more cultivated as a renewable energy source. Palm oil is used amongst others as a raw material for block-type thermal power stations and for the manufacture of biofuel.

Lately the cultivation of oil palms increasingly came into criticism because often valuable rain forest is cut down for the palm plantations. For this reason certifications were established that should guarantee the sustainability.

Gladly we inform you about biomass. We plan, build and supply biofuel installations, pellet heating systems as well as plants for rain water use. Together with cooperation partners we are as well able to deliver block-type thermal power stations.

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