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Biomass Electric System

With fuel prices constantly rising, biomass electric systems can be a favourable way to produce electricity, both from an environmental and from an economical point of view. Power generation by using biomass (e.g. from rice husk, wood chips, saw dust or crop stalks) can not only reduce the costs of energy production, but can also bring benefits by means of selling electricity to the national grid. There exists a variety of technology options relying on several feedstock alternatives. These options can serve many different needs, from large scale industrial applications, to small scale rural end-users.

The development of a biomass electric system project typically takes place in four steps:
1. Location identification
- Is the projected site of the plant suitable? (No legal restrictions etc.)
2.Capability and demand survey
- How much energy is needed and for what purpose?
- When and where is the energy needed?

3.Evaluation of sourcing safety
- Is the availability of the required amounts of biomass secured? (e.g. by different potential sources of supply in the area and/or long-term contracts)

4.Design of the scheme
- Design of the system optimized to meet the defined needs
- Projection of the initial costs of investment and the unit costs of the produced energy

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