Biomass Plant



Biomass is one of the major sources of renewable energy existing in the World, but to date has not been exploited to the full. For this reason we have developed in our own factory, over five years, an innovative in house technology which has produced a gasification plant with a great energy efficiency to produce electrical power and thermal energy from Biomass, and which is now available for the market.


The technology applied is the gasification of diverse agriforest and wood waste in a poor oxygen atmosphere using air as a gasification agent. The main characteristics of this type of fuel are humidity (10-15%) and grain size (0,2-10 cm).

The biomass feed into the gasifier is heated in the poor oxygen atmosphere, to avoid combustion, producing a gas which, after various processes of conditioning, feeds a gas engine connected to a generator.

The thermal energy produced can be used either for drying the biomass, if this reaches the plant with a higher humidity than the optimum for operation (10-15%),as well as other applications which TAIM WESER can develop as per client requirements. Within the possible applications we highlight the following:

  • Community heating for public buildings or residential communities.
  • Drying processes (alfalfa, painting furnaces)
  • Heating and cooling of warehouses.

Characteristics Of The System

Biomass consumption: 650-750 kg/h
P.C.I. synthesis gas: 1.32-1.55 KWh/Nm3
Gas flow in Engine: 1.170-1470 Nm3/h
Ashes: 15-35 Kg/h

Technical Specifications

Electric power: 650-750 KWe
Useable thermal energy: 1200-1400 KWt
Plant consumption (without biomass preparation): 10%
Operating time: 7000 h/year

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