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- Model 12/15/23 kW - Low Temperature Pellet Boiler



This unique concept low temperature pellet boiler offers the highest efficiency, convenience together with a long service life. In a hot reaction zone delivering from 2 to 23 kW output, the flame is variably matched to the heat demand, thereby ensuring a totally economical operation.


The BIOSTAR uses a clever control program to automatically regulate the combustion process; it guarantees the cleanest combustion combined with the lowest pellet consumption and perfect heat distribution for your home. A straight-forward and clear menu structure enables standard settings to be changed easily.


Its high grade vacuum discharge system enables the Biostar Flex model to work with a flexible storage room arrangement up to 25 m away from the boiler. A specially developed cyclonic hopper provides the best possible dust separation with minimum service effort. The wear-resistant rotary lock valve, combined with the drop charging system, guarantees 100% back burning protection. High grade drives ensure low power consumption.


The entire boiler system (vacuum fan, supply screw conveyor, rotary lock valve, boiler circuit pump) are modulated up or down by means of software control, depending on the current energy demand. Combustion is aided by mixing carbon with oxygen (corresponds to a high CO2 content), which ensures a high level of efficiency. Stressful cold starts are prevented, where possible.


The tubular heat exchanger, designed with special preheat zones, enables a variable output transfer at low flue gas temperatures in low temperature operation. Fully automatic heat exchanger and grate cleaning. The speed of the induced draught fan is controlled or the amount of fuel is varied, subject to the current heat demand of the building. A Lambda probe safeguards an ideal air:fuel ratio and consequently the highest efficiency.

  • Biomodular combustion, variable from 3 to 23 kW
  • Fully automatic - from wood to ash - from air intake to cleaning
  • Patented: Low temperature without condensate
  • Components that are 100% reliable
  • Operation with menu prompts - safe and simple
  • Lambda probe ensures an ideal air:fuel ratio during combustion
  • O2-dependent process monitoring
  • Tubular heat exchanger with variable output transfer and fully automatic cleaning facility
  • Induced draught fan, cleaning motor and screw conveyor motor are designed for high torque reserves and a nominal service life of 20 years; their extremely low power consumption is truly remarkable

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