Blaze Harmony s.r.o.

- Combined Hybrid Biomass Boiler


Combined boiler with a rotary burner for burning pellets and agro-pellets. Rotary combustion chamber, maintenance-free pellet burning. Distribution of air to primary and secondary combustion with optional settings. Special bearing arrangement for smooth running. Option of smooth combustion of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets. Equithermal control unit with ecoNET module for remote access, operation and maintenance.

The most universal boiler on the market

All the advantages of gasification boiler BLAZE HARMONY are extended with a rotary burner with automatic transition to pellet burning. This ensures the continuous operation of the boiler, with the option of a simple transition back to manual stoking when the pellet burner turns off automatically.

The special design of the burner with a rotary combustion chamber enables the burning of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets. This combination of options for burning various types of fuel in manual and automatic mode makes Hybrid BIOMASS® the most
universal boiler on the market.

  • The cleverly designed burnerAllows the burning of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets.
  • Rotary combusti on chamber Maintenance-free pellet burning. An inspection before the heating season is sufficient.
  • Seamless combustion chamber 4 mm at the thinnest point. Only a burner, without any welded parts.
  • Modular design Very simple and fast installation of the burner and maintenance. Fast access to all components.
  • Bearing arrangement Patented system. Longitudinal ball bearings with a transfer of radial loads, ensuring smooth operation of the burner rotation, without any abrasion of metal/metal - load transfer on at least 50 balls (according to the size of the burner). For the user and maintenance, this means high durability (lower bearing load) and no wear of metal parts of the burner.
  • Aeration chamber The aeration chamber is automatically cleaned by the rotation of the combustion and aeration chambers. This method of automatic cleaning completely eliminates the need for manual cleaning. This eliminates the need for regular disassembly
    of the burner and maintenance. It maintains a clean chamber and overpressure in the burner
  • Air distribution to primary and secondary combustion A patented system that provides a higher combustion efficiency and the possibility of setting the optimum combustion for different kinds of pellets.
  • Burning of different kinds of pellets/agro-pellets Where no problems arise and the combustion process is optimized using air distribution to primary and secondary combustion.
  • Dividing curtain in the combustion chamber an air curtain in the combustion chamber. This reduces the heat transfer to the burner and conserves this heat in the combustion chamber.
  • Ribs in aeration chamber supporting the furnace tube - a smaller load.
  • Safety stoking sensor Located directly in the stoking tube, guarantees high safety in the event of the clogging of the burner.
  • Fully automatic Unmanned and maintenance-free operation.
  • 3-year warranty on the burner‘s body.

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