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The Innecs BoilerBurner is a unique boiler burner, with low NOx emissions and an efficient combustion. It is also not easy for the more ‘difficult’ boilers, including the baffle plate boilers.

The technique of the BoilerBurner has been derived from the Innecs PowerBurner gas turbine. A stable and relatively cool flame is created in the burner head in a smart way, which prevents the development of NOx. This results in low emissions and a very efficient heat transfer to the boiler. Moreover, the BoilerBurner is infinitely adjustable and has a great turndown rate.

The Innecs BoilerBurner also distinguishes itself through its flexible installation possibilities. Replacement or a major and expense alteration of the boiler or boilerhouse is therefore not necessary.

Innecs supplies the BoilerBurner in consultation with your maintenance company, including the gas train, burner regulation and interface for a good communication with your boiler(s).

For whom

In the Netherlands and other countries in Europe an increasing number of clients rely on the BoilerBurner in order to comply with the new regulations for nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

The BoilerBurner is very suitable for small and medium-sized companies in the (petro) chemical industry, the paper industry, waste processing and hospitals, with current steam and/or heat boilers between 400 kW and 10 MW. Municipalities with district heating can also profit from the advantages of the BoilerBurner.

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