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Briefing of the System

This is a mechanism used to generate power from the tidal energy. It’s a very simple mechanism and that can be implemented nearer to the sea shore, so that the transmission of power from the mechanism to the generator can be reduced. Figure 1 shows how a single device works, and figure - 2 shows a lot of such devices installed in order. The detailed explanation of how this tidal power system works is explained below.The tidal power system needs a simple mechanism to generate power. I am very sure that if this can be experimented make this system perfect we can create more power from this without harming any element on earth.

This mechanism works according to the movement of a plastic balloon floating over the sea water (any floating object which is light weight is recommended). A rope of negligible weight and good stiffness has to be tied (figure 3) to the fiber plate (Which is attached to the bottom of the plastic balloon, weight must be negligible and it must very thin). Approximate size of floating object must be equal to half of average wave height for getting better result. At the end of the rope we are placing a weight for the downward motion of the rope. How much weight should be placed can be decided after studying wave force of the region where we are going to implement. This is the basic thing about my tidal power system. This is how I am going to get the tidal energy. This tidal energy has to be converted into useful power, be electricity. We need to convert it in to another form of energy by incorporating another mechanism in it.By law of conservation of energy, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be transformed from one form of energy to another form. For energy conversion we need a mechanism that takes drive from the rope, in the sense from tidal power and converts the same into another form of energy. So we are going to place an evacuated box (figure - 4) inside which there will be a chain which moves according to the rope, as the rope is allowed to pass through the box.The rope and chain will be connected with a light weight block that s how we are making the chain move according to the movement of the rope. The movement of the block is restricted between two spring loaded stoppers (figure - 5). The chain’s approximate motion length (block’s movement area) must be 2 to 3 times longer than average wave height. This chain is passed through a set of gears and the motion of the chain rotates those set of gears (Figure - 6). The Gears increases the speed and free wheel supports to run the mechanism in one direction.The output of the gear is connected to an air pump, which pumps air to the air pressure container which is located nearer to the shore. We are using gear reduction principle to increase the capacity of the drive to the air pump. The air thus pumped is transmitted through pipelines to the air pressure container. The air pressure container is visually similar to a bottom cut container or bottle (figure 1). The air gets collected inside the container and this air is transmitted through a pipeline to the turbine. The air thus transmitted is made to use to turn the turbine blades. The turbine shaft is connected to a generator, thus electrical energy can be created.

In this system the dimensions and capacity of materials and devices used are not mentioned. I am experimenting with my project so that I will be trying the system with different specifications and dimension to increase the output. For any doubts and regarding detailed information please contact me any time.

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