Brunette Machinery Company

- Flare Butt Reducer


Eliminate feeding problems inside and outside the mill… Each and every machine center in your mill will get relief!.The Brunette Flare Butt Reducer is designed to convert troublsome logs into high production and high recovery logs.Removing the flare butt end from logs improves log handling and sorting, eliminates sand and pebbles often embedded in the flare butt end of a log and, improves alignment and log control during scanning.The Brunette Flare Butt Reducer’s unique design and cutting geometry turns unwanted logs into valuable timber, while the robust construction reduces mainenance and improves uptime for continual return on investment.

  • Cleaner chips because of elimination of bark inclusions in the flare butt.
  • Improved productivity with proper positioning of logs for feeding sharp chains, canters or head rig carriages.
  • Increased recovery because of more accurate scanning and log positioning.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Improved recovery through curve sawing gangs.

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