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The team at Building Turbines believes in a multi-faceted approach to meeting today’s demanding energy requirements. We also believe that renewable energy sources should play a prominent role. The sun shines every day for all of us, free of charge and the wind blows for free as well. Non-renewable energy sources can cost a lot of money to find and move. We must take the fossil fuels from the ground and ship them long distances to places where they can be used.

Oil must be refined before it can be used. This is expensive. We also have to pay to clean up the pollution they cause. Economically speaking as coal and oil supplies get used up, their prices get higher.

In 2011, we are very familiar with the variety of issues caused by our macro-level dependence on fossil fuels and the time for focus on renewable energy is now. By implementing sustainable, clean renewable energy in smart and cost-effective ways, we can all win.

The BTI turbine technology takes advantage of the natural force of wind as it interacts with a building. When the wind accelerates up the side of a building and reaches the edge of the rooftop it creates a vortex that perfectly aligns with the BT turbines’ horizontal axis for maximum efficiency. Its’ innovative and patented design leads to an affordable solution that has many competitive advantages and is effective at creating clean, renewable on-site power.

  • Wind is a premier renewable energy source with zero emissions
  • Wind energy can help alleviate a stressed and antiquated grid system
  • Wind energy can also help reduce over-all dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil
  • Allows customer to realize corporate responsibility to environment and save bottom-line dollars
  • Generate electricity even at moderately low (8+ Mph) wind speeds
  • Federal, state, and city rebates currently exist to reduce capital costs
  • Produces power on-site (where it is needed) – avoids costly transmission and associated power loss – helps reduce demand on stressed grid system (and offset coal-related emissions)
  • Creates power 24/ 7 with sufficient minimal wind speeds (night or day, sun or clouds)
  • Multiple electrical configuration possibilities exist to maximize flexibility
    • No storage via batteries (generate and consume directly in building)
    • Storage via batteries with ‘smart meter’ technology to directly offset peak usage times and achieve maximum savings
  • Wind energy can improve the energy impact of any building it can be mounted on
  • Wind energy is complimentary to solar thus creating potential cost optimizing synergy (shared ‘system’)

The BT team also believes strongly in the DG model where the power is generated (via a clean and renewable source) on-site for direct consumption by the building. This model is called ‘DG’ and turns the ‘centralized’ power production model upside down and says – make the power WHERE it will be used.

Currently in the United States, up to 55% of every kilowatt produced is LOST in transmission. The degree of wasted time, energy, effort and money due to this issue is simply staggering.

We believe that the DG model has enormous potential to positively impact today’s energy demand. There are enough commercial rooftops that can be used to make power from renewable sources and efficiently and effectively deliver that power directly to the building’s AC panel (and grid). With a growing ‘install base’ of commercial renewable energy systems in a ‘DG’ model, the macro-level demand for fossil fuels, and all of the associated problems and costs can be reduced.

The uni-directional design rests on HVAC-style curbs and is mounted along the roof's edge next to the parapet wall. The turbine takes full advantage of what is called a 'parapet vortex' which naturally occurs as wind accelerates up the side of a building and crests over the roof top edge. The axis of the turbine is centered in this vortex capturing maximum electrical power generation capability from the wind.

  • BT’s design has one awarded patent, two patents pending, and more on the way
  • The BTI turbine has an approx. 10’ x 27.5’ footprint and the system weighs approx 1,400 pounds as a complete system
  • Patented design captures maximum rotational wind from natural vortex created at roof top edge
  • Horizontal axis design is more effective when mounting to building due to no mast or pole
  • Horizontal blades can be customized with full-color graphics and company logo (as well as the ‘augmenter’ that sits over the edge of the rooftop to guide the wind into the turbine)
  • Design allows for secure mounting on roof with minimal modification (no poles or costly roof modifications)
  • Well-suited for the urban environment (low profile, ease of installation, appealing design)
  • Low center of gravity with strong, robust square steel tubing (frame) design for rooftops which results in almost no vibration or noise
  • Installation can be accomplished without the use of expensive helicopters (easily assembling unit(s) on the roof top)
  • Scale-able design
    • Can add turbine units per available space on roof
    • All turbine units can share wiring and/or storage with each other
    • Turbines can be combined with solar (PV) cells and they can also share ‘system’

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