Building Turbines, Inc. (BTI)

- Rooftop Turbine System


The Building Turbines renewable energy rooftop turbine system comes as a packaged and complete solution. The turbine has a generator mounted on it that is connected to the main axle rod via two sprockets and an industrial stainless steel chain. From the generator, the signal path goes through the necessary overload protection circuitry, through the required cut-off switches (per code) and then into an inverter.

The inverter performs the function of getting the power into AC (alternating current) output that is ready for ‘consumption’ by the building as it is connected to the building’s main AC panel. From the main AC panel, the power supplied by the turbine(s) can be used anywhere within the building’s electrical system.

The turbine system as described above can be a single turbine solution or a it can consist of multiple turbines. The total solution could also be potentially complimented by a rooftop solar system. These two renewable energy systems can share installation costs and share rooftop space to provide a dual-sourced solution.

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