- Electric Conveyor


The Bumpa is Mace Industries origional product, it has revolutionised the roofing industry and is a household name within the UK and increasingly internationally. The Bumpa is quick to erect, simply unloaded from your truck and up and running within four minutes. 1000 tiles can then be loaded onto any roof in under 25 minutes. Not only does the Bumpa out load any competitor, the Bumpa also has a powered reverse to strip valuable salvage down easily as fast straight from the roof into the back of a truck! The Electric Bumpa is simple to use, unfold the machine and plug it in then off you go, all you need is a 5Kva transformer.

The electric Bumpa Hoist comes with a 0.75kw motor and gearbox to perfectly compliment the machine. 

The Electric version of the Bumpa works in both foward and reverse thanks to its electronic invertor, all at the touch of a button and use it to strip salvage from even the most difficult roofs. The Bumpas unique folding design means it has storage measurements of just 0.85m x 4.3m x 0.6m and fits pefectly onto the back of a pickup or on top of a transit with our specially designed bolster racks.

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