Burners and Burner Management Systems


Dürr MEGTEC can supply burner and burner management on oxidizers, dryers, plenums and heat sources. This includes service, replacement or upgrading your burner system and controls to: Bring your system to current code. Upgrade to meet international standards. Replace damaged or leaking components. Handle increased production requirements. Reduce turndown and improve reliability. Ensure burner safety. Reduce NOX emissions.


Dürr MEGTEC has extensive experience with various burner manufacturers including:

  • Maxon
  • Eclipse
  • North American

Systems include:

  • Nozzle mix burners
  • Line burners
  • Low NOX burners
  • Combustion blowers
  • Flame safety and burner management
  • LP, natural gas or oil systems
  • Complete fuel trains

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