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- 4-Stroke Medium Speed Diesel Engine Power Plants



4-stroke medium speed diesel engines are mainly used for: Base-, semi-base and peak-load power generation in utilities. Independent Power Producer (IPP) projects. Industrial applications, such as captive power plants.

BWSC’s 4-stroke diesel engine power plants possess the following principal characteristics:

  • High quality engines from world-leading manufacturers
  • Attractive specific fuel oil consumption
  • Efficient maintenance due to standardised solutions
  • Ability to operate on all kinds of commercially available fuels
  • High level of availability and reliability
  • Highly competitive capital costs
  • Fast-track project implementation
  • Expected lifespan of above 20 years.

Diesel engines - The best choice

Diesel engines have proven to be the world's leading technology as prime movers for base-load power generation.
Diesel engine power generation based on heavy fuel oil results in very competitive price/kWh due to:
  • Electrical efficiency up to nearly 50%
  • Full nominal output up to 35oC ambient temperature
  • Flexible and fuel-efficient operation under part load conditions
  • Less than 1% efficiency degradation under normal lifespan
  • Easy maintenance leading to many years of stable operation.

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