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- Geothermal Probe Grouting Material



Calidutherm is a read-mixed dry product for the production of grouting suspensions for geothermal probes in accordance with VDI 4640/Page 2. Calidutherm contains only natural ingredients. It complies with the specifications of TRGS 613 and DIN EN 196-10 of < 2ppm in soluble Cr VI. The analysis values of Calidutherm show that it contains 0.000005 – 0.000006% of soluble chromium VI. This means that Calidutherm can be considered as chromate-free.

  • Lowest thermal borehole resistance
  • Proven frost resistance
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Chromate-free
  • Sulphate-resistant
  • Easy aplliance
  • Read-mixed dry product
  • In accordance with the VDI 4640 guidelines

Grouting and flush additives:

The flow properties of Calidutherm have been improved to such an extent that it produces a compression of the ring chamber of the ground heat sensor without cavities. The possibility of cavity formation caused by different swelling capacity or delayed water elution has been excluded. This means that completely encased ground heat sensors can be produced using Calidutherm. Calidutherm hardens much more quickly than conventional pressing materials. If the suspension comes to rest after the compression in the bore hole, the thixotropy which then takes place quickly ensures that small cavities are bridged. This counteracts the migration of the suspension in ground water. This therefore prevents the ground water suffering adverse influences. Drilling through ground water levels quickly separates them. Calidutherm allows ground heat sensors to be compressed into a permanently watertight state.

Calidutherm remains plastic even after it has set and offers static safety for the ground heat sensor in the event of normal geological activities (settlement and displacement). An evenly pressed ground heat sensor that is perfectly aligned with the geology provides a more uniform heat exchange and therefore achieves the higher heat transfer of the system over its entire service life. Calidutherm improves the efficiency of the system comprising the soil, compression material and sensor. The heat conductivity is approx. of 2.0 W/mK depending on the local geology.

Yield and suspension density:

  • 1 m³ of pressing material = 1032 kg of Calidutherm + 619 litres of water at a ratio of water : Calidutherm of 0.6.
  • Suspension density (for a mixing ratio of water : Calidutherm of 0.6): 1.65 kg/litre

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