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- Model ABF 8/28 - Afterburner Ashing Furnace



The ABF Afterburner Ashing Furnace is particularly suitable for ashing larger samples or materials such as biomass, which are likely to generate substantial amounts of smoke. The furnace comprises a large main combustion chamber equipped as standard with a two tier set of sample baskets. The exhaust from the main chamber is processed through a high temperature afterburner designed to further process fumes and smoke.

  • 800°C maximum operating temperature - ashing chamber
  • 28 Litre chamber volume
  • Afterburner rated for up to 40 g carbon per ashing load
  • Two tier baskets with loading tray and handle
  • 3216P1 programmable controller
  • Independent control of afterburner temperature up to 950°C
  • Silicon carbide shielded wire wound elements
  • Supplied with 3-phase supply as standard

  • Over-temperature protection (recommended to protect valuable contents & for unattended operation)
  • A range of sophisticated digital controllers, multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet communications
  • Optional floor stand


Airflow in the ABF 8/28 Ashing Furnace

  1. Air inlet – air is preheated before entering the chamber
  2. Air inlet into afterburner to ensure complete combustion
  3. Air inlet into plenum to cool the gases before entering the extraction fan
  4. Chimney
  5. Furnace chamber
  6. Afterburner
  7. Extraction fan
  8. Two tier perforated basket system

ABF 8/28

  • Max temp (°C): 800
  • Max continuous operating temp (°C): 700
  • Dimensions: Internal H x W x D (mm): 210 x 290 x 445
  • Dimensions: External H x W x D (mm): 980 x 600 x 750
  • Dimensions: Height to top chimney (mm): 1150
  • Configuration: Bench-top
  • Volume (litres): 28
  • Max power (W): 8000
  • Holding power (W): 3828
  • Thermocouple type: K
  • Weight (kg): 120

Please note

  • Holding power is measured at 500°C
  • Heat up rate is measured to 100°C below max, using an empty chamber

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