A&J Fabtech Ltd

A&J Fabtech Ltd

Chimneys and Towers


A&J specialises in the design (generally to BS4076 but also the CICIND model code and customer specifications), manufacture and erection of industrial steel chimneys and associated equipment. We offer a large range of chimneys including; Single skin, Single skin insulated with mineral wool and aluminium clad, Multi-flue. All our chimneys can be designed and manufactured to be self supporting, boiler mounted, guyed or wall bracketed. Our experience with chimney design and construction has now led us into new territory with the manufacture of towers for wind turbines where we have been able to use our experience in high specification welding and the handling and logistics behind large scale fabrication to good effect. In the field of erection of high structures we are justifiably proud of our skilled team of erectors who have a 100% safety record in this demanding area and undertake full site and event planning to minimise disruption and ensure a safe and efficient solution.

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