Compact Photovoltaic Systems



In order to meet the needs for energy supply in areas without infrastructure, Trunz Water Systems developed a wide range of compact photovoltaic systems called Trunz Solar Power Center (TSPC). The TSPC is either implemented in combination with a Trunz fresh water, brackish water or seawater unit or as a stand-alone solution for energy supply only. This independent and innovative solution is based on the latest developments in photovoltaic technology and incorporates high quality components which work under harshest climatic conditions.

The TSPC is not only an exceptionally energy efficient

and ecological solution but also an economically competitive answer to the challenge of infrastructure improvements in remote areas.


The parts come assembled and tested from the factory that leads to a higher systems reliability. This system has an important advantage: it can be installed directly, reducing the assembly time and allowing for a fast start up of operation for the whole system.

  • solar charger
  • gel batteries
  • inverter
  • solar modules
  • solar tracking system

Customer reviews

  1. By Ademola Agboola on

    this will be a good product for the poor in the rural area. Its effectiveness is important.I will like to market it in nigeria