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SolarUS offers controllers by two manufacturers Full Gauge and Steca. Each are compatible with SolarUS systems and offer the highest quality and functionality possible.

Full Gauge – Microsol offers a differential solar heating controller featuring three temperature sensors that act in the activation of the water pump. It functions to prevent the water from overheating and freezing the pipes. It has two backup outputs, by electric resistance, gas or diesel-fired or even to command the swimming pool filtration. In addition to this, it features a real time scheduler that allows to set weekly and daily events and permanent internal battery to ensure clock synchronism for many years, even in cases of power failure. It has a serial communication for connection to Sitrad. Dimensions: 71X28X71 mm.

Steca’s solar thermal products ensure the safe, effective operation of solar energy systems for domestic water heating and back-up heating. The centerpiece of a solar thermal system is the solar controller, which uses the sun as a supply of energy in conjunction with the solar collectors, storage tanks and circulation pumps. It also monitors and controls technical procedures. The Wide range of solar thermal products stands out in terms of high efficiency and ease of operation.

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