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- Biochar Soil Amendment Box


Soil Improvement that lasts a lifetime – Just a single application of CoolTerra benefits your soil for generations to come, while adding CoolTerra year after year produces increasing cumulative benefits. This is due to CoolTerra’s durable structure that resists breakdown. CoolTerra Enhanced Biochar acts a virtual sponge to retain water and nutrients at the root level, to establish a lasting, naturally organic support systems for all your growing needs.

  • Purpose: Biochar is an inert carbonsubstrate with high porosity that improves performance of soil and soilless media.
  • Directions for use: Apply a mix of one part CoolTerra to four parts soil localized in the root zone during transplant. If applying before seeding, mix CoolTerra directly into the top 4” of soil. Apply at a rate of 1.5 lbs/sq foot. After application, for optimal plant growth, it is recommended that watering be reduced by 20%.
  • List of ingredients: Pure Biochar, Microbial Extract, Wetting Agent
  • Measurement: 10 dry quarts

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