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- Model ORC - Waste Heat Recovery System


CraftEngine: The most flexible ORC waste heat recovery system on the market. The CraftEngine is an ORC piston-based system specially engineered to transform low-temperature waste heat from 80°C and upwards into electricity. The system can also produce usable heat (CHP) in cases where input temperatures are higher than 150°C. Among its unique features is its ability to automatically adjusts to changes in temperature and power input without compromising on performance and efficiency.

At the heart of the CraftEngine is the piston expander developed together with the world’s leading engine design company, AVL. The expander has been built using heavy duty components, resulting in a product with a long lifetime and minimum of maintenance. Another major advantage is that it can operate on all common refrigerants, including the more environmentally friendly HFOs with a global warming potential of less than 10.


The CraftEngine uses heat from an external heat source in order to generate power. The heat is transferred to the CraftEngine via a heat exchanger. The CraftEngine works perfectly with combustion engines, biomass boilers, geothermal reservoirs (e.g. hot springs and geothermal wells) and solar thermal collectors.


The CraftEngine operates on a so-called organic rankine cycle (ORC), which is similar to a steam engine process, but uses other fluids than water. These fluids have lower boiling points and other positive abilities that make them more suitable for low-temperature operations.


Most heat sources with temperatures between 80 and 200 degrees Celcius can be used to generate electricity. Heat sources with higher temperatures can also be utilised but need to be reduced to about 200 degrees Celcius before entering the CraftEngine system. This is done quite simply through the use of heat exchangers.

  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces fuel costs.
  • Fully containerised solution. Easy to ship and integrate.
  • Environmental and economical re-use of waste heat at source.
  • Greatly reduces the need for landfills and waste management.
  • Greatly reduces costs of waste removal and transportation.

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