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Dantonit A/S

- Model C2H - Environmental Sealing and Thermal


DantoCon Thermal C2H is used for environmental sealing and thermal optimisation of geothermal energy wells. The product is delivered as a ready to mix dry powder and needs only to be mixed with freshwater before use. Mixed with water, DantoCon Thermal C2H yields a sealing mixture, which combines high thermal conductivity with the ability to withstand environmental inflictions over time.

Typical product values after mixing with the recommended maximum amount of water (freshwater with pH 7)
Concentration (maximum % water) 28
Conductivity (W/mK) 2,2
Permeability (m/sec) 1x10-10
Density of the ready mix (kg/l) 1,78
(Values depend on water quality and mixing procedure)

Mixing ratio of 1 m3 ready mixture
Water (l) 489
DantoCon Thermal C2H (kg) 1290

Mixing ratio per 1000 kg big bag
Water (l) 379
DantoCon Thermal C2H (kg) 1000
For further details about application and dosing, please contact your local dealer or Dantonit directly.

25 kg sacks, or 500 kg or 1000 kg big bags. Store in dry storage until use.

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