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A family heritage within the Danish diesel industry has led Danvest to develop a deep understanding of diesel engine behaviour. It is this detailed understanding that resulted in the complementary relationship between wind turbines and Danvest equipped diesel engines

Diesel engine

The diesel engine is the central component in the Danvest Power Box. Selecting the diesel engine is done while considering the local service possibilities of the manufacturer. Danvest uses diesel engines of the leading brands.


  • Engine capacity ranges between 100 kW to 1800 kW per container (20 or 40 foot).
  • Danvest uses a high speed 1500 or 1800 rpm engine to achieve the most flexible operation.
  • By operating within the Danvest system the engine has a cleaner combustion, a better fuel economy and up to 50% prolonged service intervals.
  • The engines are air or water cooled, This mainly depends on local conditions.
  • The Danvest water cooling circulation can be used for central heating or desalination purposes.
  • Depending on the guidance of the diesel engine suppliers it is possible to convert the diesel engine to run on bio-fuels.
  • The condition of the engine will be monitored via a dedicated online connection (SCADA).
  • Servicing is executed via the regular service networks.
  • All factory warranties apply.

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