- Round-Flame Oil And Gas Burner (Heavy & Light)



The DEEPstar burner uses clean-burning combination oil-and-gas fuel technology. The DEEPstar combination round-flame oil and gas burner provides maximum NOx control. The deep regeneration tile provides superior flame stability.

Global industry looks to John Zink Company to develop advanced, clean combustion systems that are renowned for reliable, cost-efficient operation.

Now, the experts at Zink have engineered DEEPstar, a patented, revolutionary burner designed to reduce steam consumption, reduce NOx emissions, reduce particulate emissions, and create compact flame patterns. DEEPstar is designed for a full range of industrial process furnace applications and can operate under natural, forced or induced draft without sacrificing burner performance.

DEEPstar’s breakthrough zone-controlled combustion employs a proprietary NOx-control strategy to eliminate emissions where they form.

  • When firing gas, DEEPstar combines fuel staging and flue gas entrainment to reduce the formation of NOx.
  • When firing oil, DEEPstar’s breakthrough design combines air-staging and flue gas entrainment with our proprietary process for fuel NOx reduction.
  • DEEPstar also features HERO gun, a patented phasedatomization technology that delivers a strategically sized and distributed oil spray to the burner system to control NOx while reducing steam consumption.

  • Reduced atomizing steam
  • Single air-adjustment control
  • Zone-controlled combustion
  • HERO gun (patented)
  • Improved flame stability
  • Energy savings
  • User-friendly operation
  • Low NOx and particulate emissions
  • Compact flame dimensions
  • High turndown ratio

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