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- Model SF - High-Output Heating System



The DELTA-FIN SF high-output heating system includes several specially engineered components that work in conjunction with one another to create a durable, cohesive system. Using water temperatures up to 230°F, the all-aluminum fin tubes heat the greenhouse via natural convection. Placed around the perimeter or under the gutter, the DELTA-FIN SF heating system puts out enough energy to heat a greenhouse range, melt snow from the gutters or supplement an under-bench heating system.

The finned pipe is made of schedule 40 aluminum pipe. The industrial-strength aluminum fin can be run in long lengths up to 13 feet, allowing for application flexibility. The system’s heavy-duty construction resists oxidation, guaranteeing a long life in a harsh environment.

The system includes the following components:

  • Fin – Available in two sizes (1.25-inch and 2-inch) for multiple spacings and configurations; Lightweight aluminum construction allows for hanging material from columns or posts without special support.
  • Couplings – The cast-aluminum couplings have EPDM rubber gaskets with pressure ratings of up to 300 psi. The grooved coupling technology absorbs expansion from the heated aluminum.
  • Elbows – Cast-aluminum elbows have special outputs for venting and draining the system.
  • Hanger Brackets – For sidewall and column and post installation, the all-aluminum hanger brackets allow for expansion and contraction.  Truss brackets are also available.
  • Cover System – Utilizing flattened, expanded-aluminum, the heavy-duty cover system protects and enhances the DELTA-FIN system.

Typical fin spacing:

  • 48/24 fins per foot for 1.25-inch size
  • 24 fins per foot for 2-inch size

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