- Model MS - Biogas Upgrading to Grid or Vehicle Fuel



One of the major product lines DMT Environmental Technology offers enables biogas to be upgraded to pure methane. This can subsequently be supplied for commercial use in the national gas grid. It can also be processed into Compressed Natural Gas (bio-CNG), which is used as car fuel or as heating fuel. The biogas generated from green waste and chicken manure from local farms around Poundbury is the first commercial biogas upgrading system in England, and the first in Europe too. As the first company to introduce this technique, DMT is now the largest producer of biogas upgrading facilities in the world with membrane technology. We offer the Best Available Technique (BAT) with the highest quality and extensive expertise.


The highest performance level with membrane technology

Why use Carborex MS?

  • Highest up-time/reliability
  • 88 - 99% methane
  • Low methane slip
  • < 0.22-0.25 kWh/Nm3
  • 0 - 100% flow flexibility
  • 3-5 minutes startup, easy to operate
  • Modular and compact system

DMT Environmental Technology is a fast growing company that specializes in helping companies to contribute to the environment in a sustainable and profitable way. The techniques we implement solve environmental issues. With over more than 28 years of experience, DMT is reliable partner and market leader in the field of biogas upgrading with advanced membrane technology. With offices in Europe, the United States and Canada, we are always at your service. Our cost effective solutions are achieved with a team of highly motivated employees in collaboration with knowledge institutes and partners worldwide.


The membrane consists of a metal tube packed with hollow porous fibres. As the biogas flows through the fibres the CO2 will pass through the pores of the packed bundle and will leave the metal tube through the CO2 rich gas stream outlet. The methane will leave the membrane through the upgraded biogas out let and is ready for further processing, see figure 2.

DMT Carborex MS is a containerized, easy to operate solution for biogas upgrading. No columns, water or chemicals are needed. A simple compression step combined with a multistage membrane configuration purifies the biogas up to 99% biomethane. The biomethane can be used for grid injection or be compressed to 250 bar for use as vehicle fuel. The methane emissions remain lower than 0.5%. The CO2 gas can be upgraded, if required, with an optional liquefaction step. From an economic point of view this is the best the industry has to offer: lowest operating cost at the lowest investment cost. Operation can be monitored remotely 24/7 and the simplicity of the design guarantees an uptime of > 98%.


Process description

Biogas from the digesters will flow through an activated carbon filter to remove H2S from the gas stream to prevent corrosion of upstream machinery. Typical H2S concentrations in biogas are around 500 to 1000 ppm and these will be reduced to

  • Propane / Nitrogen / THT injection
  • Gatekeeper for grid injection
  • Vehicle-fuel station (CNG)
  • Heat pump system
  • CO2 liquefaction
  • Pre-treatment

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