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The Earny heat exchanger developed by Big Dutchman is used to recover heat from the exhaust air of broiler houses. Depending on the location and the respective conditions on site, it is possible to save between 35 and 60 percent of heating costs! Apart from the energy savings and an improved house climate, there is an additional aspect whose importance is steadily increasing: the reduction of emissions such as dust, odour and ammonia.

Earny is a cross-flow heat exchanger. This means that warm house air (1) and cold fresh air simultaneously pass through the exchanger bundle without mixing. The filter unit (2) ensures that the exhaust air is cleaned before it enters the heat exchanger and achieves a  separation rate of dust of up to 99 percent. This way there is no danger of a drop in performance of the exchanger during the grow-out. The filter cartridges are cleaned fully automatically (3) by means of compressed air. The exchanger element (4) is made of aluminium and has a ruffled structure, thus ensuring a high heat transfer rate. A pecial coating protects the material against ammonia and CO2. The warmed fresh air flows directly into the house via the shortest route (5), another important advantage of the system.

  • energy savings between 35 and 60 percent depending on the location and conditions on site;
  • heat recovery rate of up to 170 kW;
  • minimum assembly requirements: Earny is delivered ready for installation;
  • intelligent control via ViperTouch climate computer or amacs;
  • no unhygienic pipe systems, no energy loss: extremely short distances between house and heat exchanger;
  • optimal house climate –> healthy animals;
  • dry litter –> healthy feet, better production results;
  • reduction of emissions (ammonia, dust, odour) from the house;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • fully automatic cleaning of the filter unit during the grow-out –> no performance loss;
  • easy wet cleaning of the filter unit after the grow-out; in case of freezing temperatures, the filter can be dis-assembled easily and quickly and cleaned inside the house;
  • can be retrofitted in old or refurbished houses.

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