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- Natural Gas Burner



The ECO HEATER is a natural gas burner which is provided with an automatic control of the combustion process and starting. It incorporates an external air intake and a digital circuit to detect anomalies. Moreover, it offers the possibility to use other types of fuel. This heater has an efficiency of 100%, this controller stands out for its excellent price, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

  • Capacity:
    • 75 kW
    • 64.500 kcal/u
    • 256.000 Btu/u
  • Fuel
    • Fuel-Natural gas: 7,2 m3/u
    • Propane: 5,0 kg/u
    • Diesel: 8,0 l/u
  • Air flow: 5.000 m3/u
  • Range: 40 m
  • Speed: 1400 r.p.m
  • Energy consumption: 550W

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